Dániel Rátai, 3D for All

Country: Hungary
Region of Impact: Global

Dániel Rátai developed technology to provide teachers with interactive three-dimensional blackboards so that far more students can master math and science.

Teachers face the daunting task of explaining complex three-dimensional concepts such as geometry and chemistry, using only language and a two-dimensional blackboard. Because of this challenge, students often become discouraged before they realize their potential in math and sciences.

Dániel Rátai created a three-dimensional PC work environment called Leonar3Do. Sensors are placed on a computer monitor, the teacher and students wear 3D glasses, and the teacher uses a stylus to manipulate images in three dimensions. The affordable, easy-to-use system can turn abstract problems, from calculating volume to visualizing molecules, into concrete lessons. As a result, students develop the ability to think in more complex ways.

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