Support the laureates

For the first time in the history of The Tech Awards, you can text financial pledges to the laureates of your choice and to The Tech Awards to help sustain the international program into its 13th year. 

All pledges are made through The Tech Museum of Innovation and are therefore tax-deductable. While we encourage a minum gift of $250, any amount will be appreciated. Deducting only bank fees, all net proceeds go to the designated beneficiaries. 

This pledge is fulfilled with a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) and will not apear on your mobile phone bill. You can complete your pledge:

By smartphone through the link that was sent to your smartphone; or

By phone when we call you in the next few days to complete the transaction.

Thank you.


Pledging instructions

Pledge now through December 12, 2012
Text 41444
Enter tech [space] pledge amount [space] code
Codes for pledging in order of presentations
Thhe Tech Awards program: awds
Intel Enviroment Awards
LEHR: lehr
Arup K. SenGupta: arup
Microsoft Education Award
Literacy Bridge: book
TeachAIDS: aids
Katherine M. Swanson Young Innovator Award
Angaza Design: anga
Art Center College of Design: peru
Nokia Health Award
BioLite: lite
Embrace: embr
Flextronics Economic Developement Awards
Grameen Foundation USA: gram
Pamela C. Ronald & Team: rice
Accenture Sustainable Energy Award
Eco-Fuel Africa: fuel
Simpa Networks: simp