Current Laureates

The Tech Awards Laureates 2014 work impacts people in many countries worldwide.

Intel Environment Award

Provides technology and training enabling members of poor Latin American communities to examine their water, air, and soil for chemical contaminants.
Developed solar technology to generate thermal energy in industrial and commercial sectors in Latin America.

Microsoft Education Award

Provides more than 200,000 young people around the world with training and e-readers with extended battery life.
Provides an online platform for educators worldwide to personalize and share instructional content customized to each student’s needs.

Katherine M. Swanson Young Innovator Award

A team of young materials scientists from the University of Colorado is developing technology that eliminates the need to refrigerate vaccines.
Developed an affordable biogas unit for heating and cooking in Pakistani homes.

Nokia Health Award

Created a system to monitor and track antibiotic delivery to tuberculosis patients in India.
Developed a machine to deliver anesthesia without compressed oxygen or continuous grid power.

Flextronics Economic Development Award

Provides a mobile platform for more than 5,000 rural subsistence farmers in West Africa to save money for fertilizer and seed for the next planting season.
Building healthy, prosperous communities in Africa's informal settlements by making hygienic sanitation accessible and affordable.