The 2004 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award

James C. Morgan

In the inaugural year of this Award we recognize James C. Morgan, Chairman of Applied Materials, Inc., for his seminal and exemplary leadership in creating and developing The Tech Awards, an international Program and Network which supports innovators in extending the reach of their life-changing applications of technology.

Jim Morgan has been at the center of The Tech Awards since its inception four years ago. From the beginning, he stood behind The Tech Awards mission — to support and inspire technology that solves crises of humanity and our environment — and since then has contributed his tremendous energy, expertise, and influence to shaping and expanding The Tech Awards Program into a force for world-wide social change through innovation.

Jim's devotion to The Tech Awards is simply one piece of his larger commitment to technology as an agent for global good. He has been recognized innumerable times as a leader in industry, and has served as an advisor to Congress and three U.S presidents on matters of international trade and technology.

He has offered his time and guidance to organizations as varied as the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Santa Clara University, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley, World Presidents' Organization, American Electronics Association, the Nature Conservancy and many more. In everything he does, Jim demonstrates that technology can be much more than business. It can be a tool to unleash the potential in each of us, to turn our ideas into concrete solutions for a better, healthier, more just world.

As Jim himself has said, "Every economy — every people — has found greater prosperity and has taken advantage of opportunity when they believed that the power to influence their future was in their own hands." Much of Jim's work has been about putting this power into more people's hands, in more places around the globe.

For his unwavering devotion to The Tech Museum Awards, and to the use of technology to benefit humanity, we recognize Jim Morgan as the first recipient of our Global Humanitarian Award.

James C. Morgan

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