What a spectacular evening! The Tech Museum of Innovation extends heartfelt gratitude to the 1,200 attendees, the sponsors and presenters, and most of all the honorees of The Tech Awards 2014, presented by Applied Materials. 

Ted Turner, the recipient of the 2014 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award, was lauded by Applied Materials Executive Chairman Mike Splinter. “Ted set out not only to change the world, but to make it better,” he said. “Through the Turner Foundation, he vigorously pursues efforts for improving air and water quality, developing a sustainable energy future, safeguarding environmental health and habitats, and advocating for policies to curb population growth.”
Sal Khan, a laureate in 2009, was presented with the inaugural Laureate Impact Award to honor the ongoing success of Khan Academy, a free online education resource. In the five years since he was honored at The Tech Awards, Khan Academy has delivered more than 400 million lessons, and 350,000 teachers around the world use Khan Academy in their classrooms.
Ten laureates were honored, as they are every year, for touching all corners of the globe in their efforts to use technology to solve some of humanity’s most urgent problems. Please click the links below to hear the unforgettable stories of human beings who have been lifted up thanks to the innovative work of these laureates.


Intel Environment Award

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Microsoft Education Award

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Katherine M. Swanson Young Innovator Award

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Nokia Health Award

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Flextronics Economic Development Award

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